Application of 10 bins Paper Collator Machine

1. Digital counter, with counting, preset number and reset function
2. The new control pannel, operating status, the wrong way and the wrong location can reflect on it for quick inspection and correction.
3. Bidirectional display missing sheet, double sheets, cardboard and paper units receive full ect. function detection, auto shut-down.
4. Friction wheel centering feeding system.
5. Upright and crossbar collection paper way.

Technical specification of 10 bins Paper Collator Machine

1.Paper collating method: Friction wheel
2.Feed station: 10 station
3.Paper size:120*120-330mm(13 inch)*470mm(18.5 inch)
4.Paper weight: 50~300 g / m²
5.Paper type: Offset paper, NCR paper, light paper, coated paper
6.Speed: 3500/hour (A4);
3200/hour (A3)
7.Capacity of feeding: 28mm (300 sheets of 70g/m2)
8.Capacity of collection: 65mm (900 sheets of 70g/m2)
9.Stations: Straight, Crisscross
10.Other Functions:Paper eject backwards, Total count
12.Machine warranty: 1 year
14.Packing size:1270*710*970mm

Operating video of 10 bins Paper Collator Machine



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