Application of 100K Manual Book Cover Making Machine

1.Center positioning indicator design, to meet customer requirements for binding accuracy, to achieve more accurate positioning
2.The front and rear positioning knob of the cover, so that the cover is fixed into a straight line, to ensure that it is not skewed, to achieve a good covers effect
3.Two suction fan device, so that the cover is better placed horizontally, not upturned
4.Central positioning Board design, can adapt to different thickness of books, accurately adjust the thickness of the spine
5.6 scale, 3 different positioning functions, coordinate with each other to ensure the accuracy of positioning and the appropriate size of the book cover

Specification of 100K Manual Book Cover Making Machine

1.Model :JC-100K
2.Positioning:Central positioning
3.Refraction reflection function:Yes
4.Sucking device: Yes
5.Groove pressing: No
6.Corner cutter: Yes
7.Edge folder: Yes
8.Book cover size:A3 size
9.Cardboard thickness: 0.6-6mm
11.Dimension: 111*70*23cm

Operation Video of 100K Manual Book Cover Making Machine

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