920W Hydraulic Program Control Paper Cutting Machine

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920W Hydraulic Program Control Paper Cutting Machine



2.Max. Cutting Width:920mm
3.Max. cutting length:920mm
4.Max.Cutting Thickness:120mm
5.Max cutting pressure:40000N
6.Cutting Speed:10-45 times/min
7.Program Control:Yes
10.Power:380V 50HZ single phase 3kw
11.Air pump power:0.75KW
12.Feeder motor power:0.55KW
14.Packing size:2.4*1.4*1.8m

920W Hydraulic Program Control Paper Cutting Machine

1.Main drive system: It adopts plane double enveloping toroidal worm gear drive, compact structure, high transmission efficiency, large carrying capacity, low noise and low energy consumption.

2.Workbench system: The non-slot chrome-plated workbench adopts a double guide rail structure. The system has strong rigidity. The vertical adjustment and parallelism adjustment of the paper pusher are independent, simple and accurate.

3.Hydraulic system: The speed-increasing pressurized oil cylinder with German technology is adopted, and the hydraulic components complying with ISO standards are selected.

4.Convenient system: pad knife strip ejection device, hook type quick tool change mechanism.

5.Safety protection system: adopts multiple safety protection systems such as infrared safety protection device and two-hand interlocking device.

6.Program control system: Adopt international brand AC digital servo control system, 10.4-inch color LCD display, data resolution 0.01MM, self-diagnosis function and operation mode display, dynamic display of cutting and operation status, dynamic tracking, highest paper pushing With a speed of 5-18 m/min, a more powerful computer operating system can memorize, store, and the memory storage time can reach more than 300,000 hours. It is an ideal equipment for creating wealth for printing factories and packaging factories.