Heavy Loading Pallet Turntable Stretch Film Wrapping Wrapper Machine

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Parameter of Heavy Loading Pallet Turntable Stretch Film Wrapping Wrapper Machine



1.Model: JC-QK-12
2.Diameter of Pallet : 1650mm
4.Height of Pallet: 85mm
5. Pallet load weight: ≤3000kg
6.Pallet speed:0~12 rpm
7.Film thickness: 17~35μm
8.Inside the film roll:76.2mm
9.Max. outer diameter of film roll: 240mm
12.Power:220V 3P 50HZ

Features of Heavy Loading Pallet Turntable Stretch Film Wrapping Wrapper Machine

1. Man-machine interface control, the number of winding layers and times can be set;
2. Photoelectric switch, automatically sensing the height of the goods;
3. Reinforced winding function, special protection for certain parts;
4. Over the top time setting function
5. The equipment has a self-check function
Turntable drive:
1. Turntable frequency conversion speed regulation 0~12 rpm adjustable;
2. Turntable motor power: 1.5kw
3. The drive of the turntable is a chain drive with precise positioning;
4. The turntable is automatically reset;
5. The bottom of the turntable is equipped with a forklift slot.
6. Thickness of chassis steel plate: 10mm
7. Chassis tug: 8 groups
8. Chassis chain: 12A
Column mechanism:
1. Double chain structure, stable and reliable
2. The lifting chain adopts 10A chain transmission, which has long service life and wear resistance
Surface treatment: The whole machine is sprayed with plastic, which is resistant to abrasion and rust.


1.Packing details:wooden case
2.Shipping details:by sea,air,truck etc.
3.Delivery time:within 3-7 working days after receive payment
4.Payment way:T/T,Paypal,western union,RMB etc.
5.Shipping port:shanghai port or ningbo port(according to your request)
6.Mahine warranty:1). The warranty of all machines is 1 year.
2). If any part is broken during warranty period due to quality problem, we will provide this part for free.
3). We provide lifelong technical support by e-mail,chatting tools or remote control.